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Edge’19 Entrepreneurship Event @ Techno India Salt Lake, Kolkata [Apr 5-7]: Registrations Open

Edge 2019 Entrepreneurship Event Techno India Saltlike Kolkata
About Techno India Salt Lake

Techno Main is an engineering and management college located in West Bengal. Established in 2001, it offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in various engineering, computer and business disciplines. The college is AICTE approved institution affiliated to West Bengal University of technology. Since its inception, TIG group has strengthened its original emphasis on science and engineering and expanded into management and various other areas.


Geekonix is the official science and technology society of Techno Main, Salt Lake. It was formed back in 2004-2005 with the sole purpose of providing students with opportunities for enhancing their creativity and developing a pathway for exposure for the students zealous in the technical field.

About Edge’19

Edge – The annual technical and management festival of Techno Main salt lake, organised by the members of its official science club Geekonix, is a marvel in itself. It was first conducted in the year 2007 and is now one of the largest technical fests of the region par excellence.
It is a three-day long festival encompassing a wide range of events with prize money of up to 7 lakhs and witnesses the largest footfall in the region with participants from all over the country.
Edge hosts an array of over 40 events under the categories: Robotics, Cyber Crusade (Gaming), Compute Aid, Newron, Infocus, Elevation, Money Matters, Food for fun, Innovati and other fun events; among which Gaming and Robotics acquire the foremost position.

  1. Robotics

Manual events

. Robo Race
. Robo Soccer
. Lift N Lay
. Blitzkrieg
. Marino Drift
. Double Up
Autonomous events
. Stalker
. Jigsaw
. Wall Street
Prelims for all the above mentioned events will start from 10am on 5th of April, 2019. For online pre-registration, kindly fill up the form given here.  Prizes worth 1.55 Lakhs are to be won.
2. Elevation
Hard as concrete with the strength of steel, the best of them all shall win, that’s the deal. There are 2 events under elevation:

Nirman: This event will test your art of constructing bridges. Bring out the Engineer inside you and create a marvel out if raw materials.
Cad-O-Mania: This is an indoor event of making plan and elevation of a building in autocad.
Total Prize Money is worth 28k. Link for Registration is here.
3. Newron
There are 3 events under Newron.
Youth Parliament
The Quiz
Electronically Yours
Total Prize Money is worth 28K. Link for Registration is here.
4. Compute @id
There are 6 events under Compute @id.
Bug Hunt
Web Dev
Crypto Quest
Code Out
Code Relay
Total Prize Money is worth 1 Lakh. Link for Registration is here.


Email: geekonix@gmail.com
Phone: Chandrasekhar Upadhyay, 9038606282

For full details, visit the official website by clicking here.


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