Eclipse 2.0 by Thapar ACM Student Chapter, Thapar University, Patiala [Feb 25-27]: Register Now!

IITB MSC Digital Society Programme
IITB MSC Digital Society Programme

Thapar ACM Student Chapter presents to you Eclipse, a 3-day long flagship event to be held from Feb 25-27, 2022.

About the Event

Eclipse 2.0 by Thapar ACM Student Chapter, Thapar University, Patiala [Feb 25-27]: Register Now!

A rogue planet, Worlorn is approaching Earth at 30 million miles per hour. If it collides the impact would be cataclysmic. Humanity is on the brink of extinction, and the responsibility to avert the tragedy and save Earth falls on you. Can you beat a fate of eternal doom?

All events are designed to cater to the art of thinking and implementing by disintegrating the problem into smaller chunks and then using your logic-based creativity to solve it from different angles. Here is an introduction to all the events:

Hacklipse: A 24-hour virtual hackathon from the 26th of Feb 2022. Hacklipse is designed to put your coding abilities to test and think like never before to come up with innovative solutions to some of the world’s most challenging issues. Whether you’ve just started your journey or have prior experience, show up to this enthralling event set in the backdrop of a thrilling science fiction tale hundreds of years into the future!

Hacklipse poster

Flamingo: A design competition from the 25th of February. Flamingo provides a platform for aspiring designers from every corner of the world to unite, participate, design, and once again manifest the fact that: “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

Edureka - PG Diploma in AI & Machine Learning
Edureka - PG Diploma in AI & Machine Learning
Flamingo poster

Enigma: A competitive programming open event on the 25th of February. As Worlorn is approaching Earth, technology comes as the only refuge. Levels of adrenaline rocket sky high, It’s time to put your skills to the test in intense rounds of algorithmic puzzles and showcase the unparalleled force of coding. So, programmers tighten your seat belts and participate along with some of the best coders in the country as you make your way through intriguing puzzles that lay ahead of you and fight for your name on top of the leaderboard!

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About Thapar ACM Student Chapter

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) is a US-based international learned society for computing. ACM was founded as the Eastern Association for Computing Machinery at a meeting at Columbia University in New York on September 15, 1947.

ACM is a non-profit professional membership group, claiming nearly 100,000 student and professional members as of 2019. Its headquarters are in New York City.

Thapar ACM Student Chapter has envisioned creating an environment where like-minded coders can collaborate, grow and have fun! We believe that youth encompassed with appropriate technology holds the potential to revolutionize the world we perceive today.

Forwarding with our goal to create a community that fuels holistic growth and development, we at ACM Thapar organize exceptional events each year and participate in the same. We house & create some of the best computing minds!

About Thapar University

The Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology (TIET) is one of India’s oldest and finest educational institutions, which provides a steady source of highly skilled talent to the nation as well as overseas.

Founded in 1956 with a campus spread across sprawling 250 acres, Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology, located in Patiala, has been a pioneer in engineering education, research, and innovation.

How to Register?

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