European Association for the Study of the Liver’s Sheila Sherlock Post Graduate Fellowship: Apply by Nov 30: Expired

About the Scholarship:
This competitive Postdoctoral Research Fellowship program targets the most promising newly qualified postgraduate researchers who wish to expand research fields and start developing their independent research careers. The program is open to Europeans and non-Europeans who wish to conduct post-graduate research at a European center. Applicants must hold a Ph.D. and /or an MD degree and have no more than two years of postgraduate research experience.
Amount Awarded:

  1. Base funding of 60,000 EUR per year paid directly to the Hosting Institution, providing support for basic salary.
  2. The Salary Contribution may also cover part of the research expenses, depending on the
    salary determined by the Hosting Institution and detailed in the fellowship application.
  3. The Salary Contribution is calculated based on the country-specific correction coefficient,
    as determined by the European Union on an annual basis.
  4. The Hosting Institution may need to pay a top-up to the eligible fellows from another budget source to complement this contribution.

Additional Allowances:

  1.  Mobility allowance, 500 EUR per month
  2. Family allowance, 500 EUR per month.

Both the Mobility and Family Allowance are paid directly to the fellow.
Period: 2 years (no extension possible)

  1. Candidates must be active EASL members or have applied for membership at
    the time of the application;
  2. Applicant must not hold a permanent position;
  3. The Hosting Institution must be in Europe;
  4. The Hosting Institution must be different from the Home Institution and preferably
    located in a different European country;
  5. No more than 1 application per hosting and home institution will be considered;
  6. The research supervisor in the hosting institution must be an EASL member but
    must not be a member of the EASL Governing Board.
  7. No restriction on the applicant’s age or nationality.

Application and Review Process:

  1. Applications are submitted online in English at www.easl.eu from 30 September
    to 30 November.
  2. The competitive admission process is held in various stages:
  3. Applications are reviewed by an ad hoc committee (2 members of the EASL Scientific Committee plus 2 external experts nominated by the EASL Scientific Committee)
  4. Reviewers are requested to provide detailed written feedback on the
    application based on:
    o The candidate profile (25%)
    o The Project (50%)
    o The Hosting Institution (25%)
  5. Final selection is made by the EASL Governing Board
  6. Applicants are notified of the selection outcome by 15 February by email
  7. In order to process applications, EASL will need to process the applicant’s personal data as provided in the application dossier.
  8. The applicant gives his/her consent to such control and processing of the applicant’s personal data.
  9. EASL will handle the applicant’s personal data in accordance with all applicable legislation and for the sole purpose of reviewing the candidate’s suitability for the fellowship.

E-Mail: easloffice@easloffice.eu
Phone: +41228070360

For further details, please visit the link given here


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