E-Summit 2019 @ Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad [Mar 30-31]: Registrations Open

E-summit Entrepreneurship Summit IIT Hyderabad
About IIT Hyderabad

The Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad is a public engineering and research institution located in Sangareddy district, Telangana, India. IITH is known for its academic strength, research, publications and proximity to IT and industrial hubs.

About E-summit
E-Summit is one of the biggest Entrepreneurship Conclaves in India. This is our attempt to inspire and educate students, who are inclined towards entrepreneurship, and early entrepreneurs to take and manage bigger risks. We also endeavor to introduce the business-world to students, who are new to the field. Our event will be centered on the theme Leap Beyond Innovation. Via a series of talks and panel discussions, we wish to delve deeper into the idea of innovation itself, and what a startup needs to flourish in the market.

We have a lineup of elite speakers from pan India both from the Government side, the Corporate side and also from the entertainment world. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to hear what these highly successful and experienced minds of India have to say about the business world.
Networking: E-Summit brings you the best networking opportunities. Find like minded people, grow your network and have a look at what other people are up to.
Leadership Conclave:Listen to the leaders of the society, look at what they have to share. Nowhere else will you find such influential people under one roof.
Talks: E-Summit brings you a series of talks from the most experienced players of the game of entrepreneurship and business. They have forged themselves and for years and will be in front of you sharing their life.
Panel Discussions: Discussion on various topics of business, leadership and entrepreneurship. Experts from different wallks of life telling you about the pros and cons of everything.
Competitions: Be a part of some of the most enthralling and exciting competitions which will exercise your business mind to a great extent.
Start-Up Expo:Perfect opportunity for you to display your amazing start-Up in front of the most suited audience.
Workshops: Be a part of a series of business and tech workshops and prepare yourself for tomorrow.


E-mail: ecell@iith.ac.in

For more information, visit the official site by clicking here.


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