Internship Experience of an MBA Student @ Dr. Morepen Pvt. Ltd, Delhi: Great Learning Experience for Marketing & HR Students

By: Usha | 22 May 2019 3:20 PM
Name, College, Year of study

Shilpa Sharma, Ch. Ranbir Singh University, 2015-2017

Name of Organization, Location City, Team Strength

Dr. Morepen Pvt. Ltd.,  New Delhi, 100+ (In 2016)

You’ll find them near Antriksh Bhawan, Near 22KG Marg in New Delhi. The strength of the team is diminutive, and at the time of the Internship, there were 2-3 more interns. However, they had more in the Finance Department.

Office Address

508-510 Antriksh Bhawan, 22KG Marg, Barakhamba, New Delhi

Application Process

I got the Internship through the suggestion of my HOD at that time because he considered me to be suitable for this internship. I was also getting an internship at Sharekhan at that time but I opted for this for the reason that I considered Dr. Morepen to be the newest child of Morepen Laboratories and I’ll be learning a bunch of extra things. (I also did an Internship at Sharekhan at a later point in time).

Duration of internship and timings

1.5 Months.  Timings were very flexible as I was not getting any stipend because it was a small firm at that time.  I used to work 4-5 days a week and even work from home.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

The office is spread over two floors of the building. The Marketing Department was not very big as the Sales Team hardly used to spend their time in office. They had more fieldwork. But the office was quite open as a whole.

On day 1, I was introduced to the person I was believed to be working under for 1.5 Months (Mr. Madhukar Kataria). He was the Marketing Head at that time. I was also introduced to Mr. Sanjay Sharma who was the Head of the Finance Department at the Office. Mr. Kataria explained my duties.

There was a space which was allocated to the sales team but they hardly used to visit the office so it was given to us. It had chairs, desktops, and a coffee machine. We had to find another place to sit and work whenever the sales team used the office.

Mr. Kataria explained my work in detail and he was ready to lend a hand and make me feel comfortable there as it was my first ever corporate experience.

My HOD asked me to maintain a diary over the complete period of the internship, so I used to note down my all day’s work in it and it has been really helpful in my critique description which I presented in my MBA!

There were many restaurants nearby but they were quite expensive so I used to go to the Nearest Bikaner to have my lunch. And on other days, I used to bring my own lunch.

One thing I observed was other interns were not really interested in working there as there was no stipend. It got me thinking about how we as students value money more than our learning even if we are devoted to our studies!

Main tasks

The main tasks involved calling clients about their order delivery, OTC Medicines which are ordered and acknowledged by the company from various manufacturers and making an excel sheet. Also, I had another work of calling people and asking them some questions about the corporation and its products.

Work environment, people

The office and the entire team taught me a lot about the bona fide corporate world. I learned how to act and talk like a professional and the formalities which are required when you are communicating with a person who is superior to you.

I learned how a proper channel of communication is maintained and needed in the corporate world.

People were busy in their own work and hardly anyone had time to entertain interns so we used to mostly work on our own.

Weekly classes were organized by the team led by Mr. Kataria. It was basically a one-hour session where interns could ask their queries. Work environment was very relaxing or maybe I felt so because I was just an intern who was working there for a while. But I felt at ease and people were generous enough to present me all the data I needed for my assignment.

Best things

The best about Dr. Morepen was the fact that I was at liberty to come to the Office whenever I felt like. I also had an alternative to work from home.

This Internship is good for Management Students who are choosing Human Resource and Marketing as their specialization and that too only in their 2nd and 3rd Semester! But this internship offers a lot of knowledge about OTC Medicines, so I’d say that’s a win-win.

Bad things

There was not much to learn as we were only interns and no big task involvement was there. Main Work was only making calls and record the responses in an excel sheet.


It was Nil. Only the interns of Finance Department used to get a stipend. Though the interns in other departments got a stipend, there was no stipend for us.


I used to live in Karol Bagh and it was only a 15-minute ride to Antriksh Bhawan. I used to take an auto which used to cost me around 50 Rs every day. It was a really good thing because it can be really hectic if you are travelling long distances every day.

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