D’Ignito 2017, Annual Fest of De Paul Institute of Science and Tech, Angamaly, Kerala [December 14-15]: Prizes Worth Rs. 3Lakh; Registrations Open: Expired

D’ignito Fest 2017″ is a National Level Fest conducted by De Paul Institute of Science and Technology. It is an intercollegiate fest for both aspiring undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) students of various colleges in and outside of Kerala. The fest gives a platform for students to exhibit their talents and skills spanning across events.

  1. Coding & debugging: Individual event based on C programming;                  Prizes worth: Rs.10,000.
  2. Word hunt: Three members in each team;                                                            Prizes worth: Rs.11,500.
  3. HR game: Four members per team; There will be four rounds.                                      Prizes worth: Rs.15,000.
  4. Marketing game: Four members per team; There will be four rounds.                          Prizes worth: Rs.15,000.
  5. Street play: Theme- Human Rights-Protection & violation in a social context. 7-10 members. Prizes worth: Rs.12,000
  6. Best Social Worker: One person per each college.There are 3 stages of the competition.    Prizes worth:Rs.10,000.
  7. Gaming: Four members in each team.                                                                        Prizes worth:Rs.15,000.
  8. Web designing: Two members per team;                                                                  Prizes worth: Rs.9000.
  9. RJ hunt: Individual Participation and five contestants per college.                                Prizes worth: Rs.10,000.
  10. Short film: On spot topic will be given and five members per team.                              Prizes worth: Rs.17,000.
  11. Treasure hunt: Only one team of college and maximum of 4 members per team.          Prizes worth:Rs.14,000
  12. Music band: A team should consist a minimum of 3 members.                                      Prizes worth:Rs.30,000.
  13. Hungama or spot dance: Individual event and music will be played on the spot.          Prizes worth: Rs.4500
  14. Group dance: Group event and can consist of 5-8 members.                                        Prizes worth:Rs.30,000
  15. Photography: Individual event and topic will be given on spot.                                    Prizes worth: Rs.5000.
  16. Poetry writing: Individual event and topic is given on spot.                                          Prizes worth: Rs.5000.
  17. IPL Auction: Four members in each team and there will be two rounds.                        Prizes worth: Rs.12,000.
  18. Product Launch: Each team has four members and has three rounds.                          Prizes worth: Rs.15000.

Registration fees:

  •  Mode of registration: Registration begins by 9:00 am for both the days.
  • There will be pre-registration for events like Music Band and Group Dance on or before December 10, 2017. There should be at least 5 teams for these events; then, only consolation prizes will be given.
  • All other events have a spot as well as online registration(Click here)
  • The registration fee for the fest is Rs. 200 per Head.
  • Event registration is Rs.100 per Head.
  • Cultural events such as Music Band, Group Dance, Treasure Hunt the registration is Rs.200 per Head and Photography.( Note: These events have direct entry to the fest, no other registration fee is required)

Anuja Das: 9895861561
Preetha S: 9495874634
Tone Augustine: 9745407248
Email: dignito@depaul.edu.in

Visit  this Facebook page  and this event website for full details and updates.


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