Digital Delhi Conclave by IIIT Delhi [Dec 5]: Registrations Open

Digital Delhi Conclave by IIIT Delhi [Dec 5]: Registrations Open

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iiitd 2 3

The Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Delhi is organizing the second edition of the Digital Delhi Conclave on December 5, 2020.

The idea behind the annual IIIT-D Digital Delhi Conclave is a simple one: to create a public platform to discuss the evolution of information technology and its implications for sustainable development of the national capital region.

The agenda for this year’s annual conclave revolves around the theme of sustainable cities and communities in the national capital. In the daylong event, hosted online and spanning across various media channels and webpage of IIIT-Delhi, they aim to bring together academics, technologists, and social policy and development experts to deliberate and showcase themes concerning the role of IT in Delhi’s sustainable future.

Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi (aka. IIIT-Delhi or IIIT-D) was created as a State University by an act of the Delhi Government (The IIIT Delhi Act, 2007) empowering it to do research and development, and grant degrees.

Developing DiverCity Workshop

The Developing DiverCities is a workshop that will introduce participants to the DiverCity Web Archive initiated at the School of Media and Cultural Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. The unique online project is built around an interactive website that hosts a group of compact online archives that allow the users to access and explore a particular issue or theme through different perspectives and materials produced and curated collaboratively by the students and faculty.

In the workshop participants will learn how to develop similar archives for Delhi and understand the value of developing projects that actively seeks to resist the politics of forgetting central to the realization of the project of creating a homogenized and sanitized ‘world-class’ city at the expense of its vulnerable communities and their histories and their geographies.

  1. Panel 1 (Urban Mobility and Communities): This panel focuses on urban mobility in Delhi and explores the patterns and consequences of the introduction of digital infrastructure in the sphere of urban mobility. Mobility, its unique character, and pace shape the urban space and community. The frequency, density, and pace of movement of goods and people in urban spaces shape the experience of the urban.
  2. Panel 2 (Air Pollution Menace and the Future of Delhi’s Communities): The worsening quality of air in the city, peaking during the onset of winter, remains a curious subject- one which led to much furor but has not translated into wide social or political change on the ground. As a public good, the quality of air is presumed to affect everyone equally, and consequently support for improving its quality is presumed to be unanimous. The panel brings together experts from domains of technology, social science, and policy to discuss the problems but also the possibilities present in thinking through the current crisis of pollution.

Interested candidates can register for the conclave by clicking here.


Phone Number: 011-26907 512, 463, 533


For full notification, click the link below.

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Digital Delhi Conclave by IIIT Delhi




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