DigiQuest’s Short Movie Contest; Prizes Worth Rs. 6 Lakhs: Submit by Dec 31: Expired

DigiQuest Short Movie Contest
Broad Topics:

  • What can a corrupt politician do to your Constituency.
  • How much a corrupt politician can effect your constituency – be it in diluting development activities, be it in mis-management of funds, be it in disturbing environment, livelihoods etc.
  • How many ways can corruption effect a normal man.
  • From Dawn to Dusk, a normal man has to lot of activities that are directly or indirectly effected by corruption.
  • How corruption is affecting the development of the nation.
  • How is corruption affecting the development of nation, which includes MNCs/FDI not coming to the country, corruption at different levels of business activities, development funds not reaching poor people, corruption effecting farming (food), rivers, canals (water), employment etc.
  • How can we end the cycle of Corruption.
  • Any other relevant topic.

Terms and Conditions:

  • By sending an entry you are accepting the terms and conditions of the short movie competition “Corruption in India”
  • Participating in this contest does not automatically qualify you to act/direct in any movies produced/co-produced by Digiquest India Ltd. Communicating for that purpose is strictly prohibited.
  • For Submission of entries, “Entry Form” should be filled
  • For online submissions, there is an online form that should filled
  • For Submissions via post, please download and fill the entry form. Send it along with your entry
  • Entries without entry form will not be accepted.
  • Duration of the film should not exceed 5 Minutes.
  • All genres are acceptable. For example: documentary, drama, comedy, animation etc.
  • All short movies must have English subtitles.
  • Quality of the Subtitles will be factor in the adjustment of a movie.
  • Please include a one-paragraph description of the movie suitable for promotional purposes or for printing in the festival program.
  • Include pertinent information about the movie such as the date it was completed, writer, producer, director, editors, actors, musician etc. (and short bios if possible)
  • Limit of 1 submissions per candidate.
  • The Artist or Filmmaker must agree to allow the film to be shown at this year’s festival if it is accepted by the jury.
  • Contestants can choose any format, any equipment to shoot the film that can be viewable on Internet
  • Submission can be done though the website (Online) or by registered post in a DVD/pendrive. No In-Hand submissions are allowed.
  • All submissions becomes property of Digiquest India Ltd.
  • Digiquest India has full digital rights for promotional and exhibition purpose.
  • All submitted short movies can not be shown previously at Internet, Movie theatre etc.
  • By sending an entry you are agreeing that the content, music, dialogues and/or Intellectual property material is of Original in nature and not a copy.
  • If any of the prize-winning film/content is found to be a copy, winners should return the prize amount along with 100% penalty, failing which they are liable for legal action.
  • Any liabilities incurred for the producton of movie.
  • Deadline for submission of a short movie December 31st, 2017
  • Each film can be submitted only once. Entrants may submit multiple entries as long as each entry differs significantly from the previous one submitted by the same contestant.
  • Entry fee 500 Rs
  • Judges Decision is final

+91 7032 6565 72

For more details, please visit this link.

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