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DMEMUN is an initiative which aims to bring harmony and strengthen the inseparable bonds by giving young students the opportunity to meet, discuss and deliberate on issues that are of immense value to societies all over the world.

The conference is scheduled to be held on 30th – 31st of March and has 7 exciting committees, celebrations of diversity along with some pleasant surprises as well.

There will be seven committees in DMEMUN’19:

(1) United Nations General Assembly – DISEC

(2) United Nations Human Rights Council

(3) United Nations Commission on the Status of Women

(4) All India Political Parties Meet

(5) Game of Thrones

(6) World Intellectual Property Organisation

(7) International Press

DMEMUN’19 is open for all – schools, colleges and university students all over India.


Early Bird Registration fee: INR 1200/- Per Delegate
International Press: 1000/-
Cash Prizes to be announced soon. Stay tuned!
For Hotel Accommodation: INR 1200/- per delegate (extra)

Individual Application Form: Click here

International Press Form: Click here

For Group/College/School Delegation Form: Click here


For any queries contact us :
Mudit(Delegate affairs)- 9555752752

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