CfP: Symposium on Marginal Studies in India: Revisiting Ambedkar’s Perspectives @ Daulat Ram College, Delhi [Sept 17]: Submit by July 22

By: Mrinaal | 15 Jul 2019 4:10 PM

The Symposium on Marginal Studies in India: Revisiting Ambedkar’s Perspectives is being organized by the Daulat Ram College, one of the premier institutes of the University of Delhi. Disciplines across Humanities such as English, Political Science, History and so on at present are trying to explore the relevance of Dr. Ambedkar in terms of the contemporary socio-political as well as cultural context of India.

Several undergraduate and postgraduate syllabi contain issues pertaining to the multiple marginalities which are continually faced in the post-globalised world.

The discourse on marginality in India concerning caste, religion, ethnicity and race has for so long been subsumed, substituted, appropriated, and at times, replaced amid the grand discourses of orientalism, anti-colonialism, nationalism, post-colonialism and subaltern studies.

But appropriation of Dr. Ambedkar, in fact, goes on to the extent of the NCERT books presenting him merely as the father of the Indian Constitution. The mainstream historiographical school in India has had the tradition to belittle or ignore every other movement except the national.

The holistic domain of dominant histories clearly give first-hand preference to the nationalist and anti-colonial histories, while the histories incorporating low-caste/minority protests are considered secondary and often stays in oblivion.

How to Apply

Interested applicants should send in the abstract of about 1000 words and 5 keywords along with a short bio-note of 100 words to

Important Dates

Deadline for submission of abstracts: July 22, 2019
Date of the Symposium: September 17, 2019



Daulat Ram College Marginal Studies Symposium

Daulat Ram College Marginal Studies Symposium


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