Dastaan-e-Bhookh Play in Hindi @ Instituto Cervantes, New Delhi [Sep 1-5]: Invitation Open: Expired

Dastaan E Bhookh
Dastaan-e-Bhookh is a retelling of Sam Shepard’s Curse of the Starving Class. The play is a darkly comic exploration of a family’s psyche in the style of Absurdism.
The play focuses on the dysfunctional Choudhary clan—the drunken dreamer of a father, burned-out mother, rebellious teenage daughter, and dejected son—as they struggle for control of the rundown family farm in a futile search for freedom, security, and ultimately meaning in their lives.
Our production aims to draw attention to the enormous “bulldozer”, buzzing ominously, 100 feet away from the run down house of this squabbling family- pushing the viewers to ask the ‘whys’ of the demise of this familial unit, rather than the ‘whats’.
The hunger, ever present in the household, is a constant reminder of all that is missing in their lives. Devoid of any real understanding of what has pushed them into this malfunction, the family pursues their attempts at pulling themselves out, mindlessly grabbing at whatever their persecutors throw at them.
Set in the outskirts of Delhi, the production also peers into the very-obvious-but-swept-under-the-carpet reality of hyper urbanization which is voraciously gnawing away at the rural settlements in and around the city.
This is a society of moral free fall, a world where men and women, circle one another warily, no longer sure of their roles, compelled by a passion with the power to destroy.
We invite you to experience and explore the eclipsed reality of hunger and household.

Venue and Date
1st ,2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th of September, 2017
Everyday at 7.30 pm
Instituto Cervantes,C.P, New Delhi
Abhishek Basak
Anannya Tripathyi
Kshitij Mervin
Pranjal Vaid
Pranshu Shrimali
Rahul Tewari
Saumya Jakhmola
Umesh Joshi
Percussions: Manish Kumar
Vocals: Mohd. Faheem
Harmonium and Vocals: Sudheer Rikhari
Song Composition: Ishu Kumar
Original Light Design: Gopal Verma and Ankit Pandey
Lights Design: Ankit Pandey
Artwork and Scenography: Vaibhavi Kowshik
Photography: Kush Kukreja
Stage Management: Tapesh Sharma
Documentation and Videography: Shobhit Bhatia
Assistant Director: Naveen Sharma
Translation and Adaptation: Rajesh Nirmal
Publicity and Marketing: Dewang Mulani
Production Management: Neel Sengupta
Direction: Dhwani Vij

For all audience members who are planning to show up on the day of the show to watch Dastaan-E-Bhookh, please note that we are accepting a contribution of INR 250/- per pass.

For passes contact Dewang Mulani 9811618581 or write to thirdspaceconnect@gmail.com.

For details and updates, please visit the Facebook page of the event given here.


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