CryptoRush- Mock Crypto-Trading Competition by Amalthea, IIT Gandhinagar [Prizes Rs. 50k]: Register Now

CryptoRush- Mock Crypto-Trading Competition by Amalthea, IIT Gandhinagar [Prizes Rs. 50k]: Register Now

cryptorush competition
cryptorush competition
About the Event

Crypto-Trading: A business to make easy money by making a few clicks on time! Is it so? Check out what graph crunching and timely clicks real Crypto-Trading takes, right here in CryptoRush. We bring forward an opportunity to feel and act like a real Crypto-Trader without any risks. Here’s how you sum it up. Mock Money, Real-Time Rates, Real Brokerage Rates and Real courage to make a worthy investment!

CryptoRush, a week-long event will be conducted on Roostoo. Each participant starts off with $50,000 worth of virtual currency, and the contestant, through trading and speculations, who ends up with the most value at the end of the week is declared the winner.

CryptoRush is powered by WazirX, India’s largest cryptocurrency exchange platform. Exciting prizes worth INR 50,000 are up for the grab. No participation fee or knowledge is required. So, what are you waiting for! Register Now!

  • There are no prerequisites for this competition, but knowlege of stock trading would definitely increase your chances of winning!
  • There is no participation fee.
  • The event is going to be held online on Roostoo application. The app (Roostoo – Mock Crypto Trading) can be downloaded from the links below:  For Android,  For IOS
  • The participants need to register here to be eligible for winning the exciting prizes.
  • The participation code required in the Roostoo App, will be mailed to the registered participants.
  • 1st Position – INR 5,500 + 160 WRX Tokens*
  • 2nd Position – INR 3,800 + 90 WRX Tokens
  • 3rd Position – INR 2,100 + 50 WRX Tokens
  • 4th Position – INR 1,100
  • 5th Position – INR 1,000
  • 6th Position – INR 900
  • 7th Position – INR 800
  • 8th Position – INR 700
  • 9th Position – INR 600
  • 10th Position – INR 500
  • Top 300 Participants (the first 300, excluding the top 3 rankers) will win 10 WRX Tokens.
  • The ranking would be based on the Portfolio return rates.
  • Prizes will be awarded to the top three ranked participants with highest portfolio return rates. In case of a tie, prizes will be awarded as deemed fair by the organisers.
  • All participants will be provided with a virtual participation certificate.
  • Winners would be announced within 48 hours after the event ends, on the Amalthea website and respective social media platforms.
  • Short Selling is not supported and allowed.
  • Buying on margins is not allowed.
  • Bot Assisted Trading, Hyper Frequency, Multiple Accounts Trading, and any illegitimate activities which suggest cheating or exploiting the systems are not allowed.
  • Users who cancel orders more than 20 times per minute may be disqualified.

Adarsh Golait
Email: adarsh.g[at]
Call: 8602772536

Sayan Biswas
Email: biswas.sayan[at]
Call: 7998084835

CryptoRush- Mock Crypto-Trading Competition by IIT Gandhinagar.





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