COVID-19 Innovation Challenge 2020 for Students Entrepreneurs and Innovators: Apply by Apr 20

COVID-19 Innovation Challenge 2020 for Students Entrepreneurs and Innovators: Apply by Apr 20

Covid-19 Innovation Challenge 2020
Covid-19 Innovation Challenge 2020
About the Program

Qcity, Telangana IT&C (Emerging Tech) are partnering with T-Hub to access the student ecosystem for the Covid-19 Innovation Challenge, which is an ideation program aiming to empower student innovators to get mentorship from renowned subject matter experts, transforming ideas into business propositions under the aegis of T-Hub and CCMB (The Centre for Cellular & Molecular Biology).

T-Hub leads India’s pioneering innovation ecosystem that powers next-generation products and new business models. Since their incorporation in 2015, it has provided 1,100+ national and international startups access to better technology, talent, mentors, customers, corporations, investors and government agencies. Their vision is enabling and empowering an ecosystem hungry for innovation.

Focus Areas
  • Low cost easy to implement – tracking of infected persons and their contact with other persons
  • The spread of the virus and prediction if possible.
  • Easy to detection if a person is infected
  • System Readiness for such Pandemics
  • Progression cycle on the Pandemics
  • Pandemics effect on other Health Sectors
  • Open to student entrepreneurs and innovators in India
  • Applicants must still be undergoing study at the time they apply for the change
  • Top 2 will be part T-Tribe (A 6 month curated and structured program for student entrepreneurs)
  • Critical and Creative Thinking
  • Analytical and Reasoning Skills
  • Exploring new technologies
  • Career Growth
Important dates
  • 13th April 2020: 2nd Webinar
  • 20th April 2020: Close of Application
  • 27th April 2020: Event

For application & more details, click here.

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