Courses on Network Science: Foundation of Social Network Analysis @ University of Delhi [Dec 3-8]: Register by Dec 01: Expired

Networks are created by interactions between people/entities and are of great interest to researchers today. Social network analysis and Social media analytics are two derivations of Network Science, which are extensively researched among computer scientists and practiced in diverse domains. This course introduces participants to the theory, measures, algorithms, and applications of Network Science.

Some of the questions network science tries to answer are – how and why patterns emerge in networks, how does information propagate, can groups of closely linked nodes be determined automatically, can one make recommendations on future actions, etc. These questions need to be answered in diverse contexts like marketing, rumor spreading, and influential social actors in an organization, political party etc.

Course Contents

Module-1: Introduction to Network Science

  • Network Science applications
  • Basics of graph theory
  • Network properties
  • Network Science applications
  • Basics of graph theory
  • Network properties

Module-2: Centrality Measures

  • Network centralities
  • Web centralities

Module-3: Community Detection

  • Community Structure in Social Networks
  • Hierarchy based methods
  • Modularity-based methods
  • Consensus-based method

Module-4: Generative Models

  • Properties of real-world networks
  • Erdos-Renyi Random Graph Models
  • Preferential Attachment Model
  • Watts-Strogatz Small World Model
  • Forest Fire Graph Model

Module-5: Information Propagation

  • Epidemic Modelling
  • SIS Model
  • SIR Model

Module-6: Research Challenges in Network Science

Registration Fee: Rs. 500 (Non-Refundable).

Register by fill up the Google form through the following link.

Registration deadline: December 01, 2018.

Payment details 

Online Payment of the Registration Fee through NEFT to the following account
Account Name: Principal, Ramanujan College
Account Number: 0156000100585618
Bank & Branch: Punjab National Bank, Kalkaji
IFSC: PUNB0015600
MICR Code: 110024052

Seminal Hall, 1st Floor, Department of Computer Science, University of Delhi, New Delhi.

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