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Course on Ultra Clean and Low Pulsation Gas Turbines @ IIT Indore [Nov 3-7]: Registrations Open!

By: Jasmeet | 09 Aug 2019 5:20 PM

The reduction of CO2 emissions is of primary concern in power generation. This requires more efficient gas turbine cycles. An increase in efficiency can be achieved by higher combustor pressure and higher turbine inlet temperatures or by completely new concepts. All of these efficiency augmentation strategies require novel combustor technologies allowing ultra-low emissions, fuel flexibility, and stable operation over a wide operational range.

The course will start with an overview of modern gas turbine technology. With this knowledge, we will explore novel, highly efficient gas turbine cycles. An additional challenge for combustion-based systems is keeping NOx emissions under control. Combustion with low NOx emission is often associated with the problem of high pulsation amplitude combustion instabilities, which are detrimental to the gas turbine and shrinks its operational range.

We will first introduce methods to achieve ultra-low NOx emissions and subsequently discuss the origin of these instabilities, governing mechanisms, simple models to describe them, and how to suppress their occurrence. We will present methods for fast and efficient fuel-air-mixing, combustors for ultra-wet (heavily reduced NOx) cycles and next-generation constant volume combustors for gas turbines.


i) Leading the participants to understand the principles of clean gas turbine technology,

ii) Sharpening the engineering background for more efficient power generation cycles,

iii) Providing concepts to sustainable energy generation,

iv) Building incapability amongst the participants in the design of ultra-low emission technologies,

v) Providing exposure to combustion instabilities, their modeling, and damping methods, enhancing the capability to model thermo-acoustic problems and to develop mitigation measures.


Who can Attend?

Engineers, scientists and researchers from private and government organizations incl.R&D laboratories allied to mechanical, aerospace, chemical engineering, manufacturing & energy. Undergraduates, M.E/M.Tech./M.Sc. and Ph.D. engineering students and faculty in mechanical, aerospace, chemical, manufacturing, production, and energy.


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