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Course on Transportation Systems @ IIT Delhi [Dec 2-13]: Registrations Open

By: Vanshika A | 19 Jul 2019 6:07 PM
About the Course

This course is designed to teach the dynamics of the traffic system and also how to design controllers for various subsystems. Specifically, the course will address the following topics:
1. Macroscopic Traffic Dynamics (First order and higher order continuum macroscopic traffic models, their derivation, analysis, numerical schemes, and simulation)
2. Mesoscopic Traffic Model (Statistical mechanics based Prigogine traffic dynamics and its relationship to macroscopic and microscopic modeling)
3. Microscopic Traffic Dynamics (Vehicle dynamics, engine, tire and vehicle modeling, engine dynamics, electric motors, hybrid cars, transmission, car following models, automated vehicles)
4. Transportation Control Architecture, sensors, actuators, and processors, Transportation Planning
5. Traffic Control (Ramp metering, traffic routing/diversion, signalized intersection, communications based systems such as signalless automated systems, etc.)
6. Vehicle Control (Traction control, ABS, Adaptive cruise control, string stability, topological platoon control, lateral (steering) control, maneuvers, combined longitudinal/lateral control, etc.)
7. Pedestrian Dynamics and Control


• Executives, engineers and researchers from transportation sector and government organizations including R&D laboratories.
• Student at all levels (BTech/MSc/MTech/PhD) or Faculty from reputed academic institutions and technical institutions.


I. Students: Rs. 7,500
II. Academic Institutions (Faculty Members): Rs. 12,000
III. Working Professionals (Research/Industry): Rs. 20,000
IV. Participants from Overseas: USD 300


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