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Course on Thermodynamics of Materials by Massachusetts Institute of Technology [Online, 16 Weeks]: Enroll Now!

About the Course

This course describes the fundamental competition between energy and disorder that determines the state of materials at equilibrium. It introduces the laws of thermodynamics, the concept of equilibrium, and thermodynamic potentials. Both classical and statistical interpretations of entropy are presented, but the emphasis of the course is on classical thermodynamics.
Topics covered include unary systems, reacting chemical systems, and binary phase diagrams. Emphasis is placed on the concept of constrained equilibrium, the mathematical structure of classical thermodynamics, and on free energy-composition diagrams that underpin binary phase diagrams. Computational thermodynamics is also covered, and thermodynamics software is used throughout the course.
The course also emphasizes the uses of thermodynamics is materials selection and process design, and the importance of materials data.

What you’ll learn?

  • The laws of thermodynamics, how to define a thermodynamic system, how to identify dependent and independent thermodynamics variables, and how to predict equilibrium states.
  • How to construct unary and binary phase diagrams from thermodynamic principles and data, and how to use phase diagrams to predict process outcomes.
  • How to predict the equilibrium state of reacting systems.
  • How to find and assess thermodynamic data, and how to use it.
  • How to understand and use computational thermodynamics software works.
  • The microscopic, molecular origins of enthalpy and entropy.


  • Rafael Jaramillo Assistant Professor Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Jessica Sandland Lecturer & Digital Learning Scientist Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • John Harrold Digital Learning Lab Fellow Massachusetts Institute of Technology

To enroll in this course, click the link below.

Course on Thermodynamics of Materials by Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

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