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Course on Sustainable Agriculture Mechanization @ IIT Kharagpur [Nov 4-10]: Apply by Oct 15

By: Jasmeet | 15 Aug 2019 11:48 AM

The new paradigm of “sustainable production intensification” as described by FAO, recognizes the need for productive and remunerative agriculture that conserves and enhances the natural resource base and which positively contributes to the delivery of environmental services.

In recent decades, a notable shift from traditional labor-intensive production and postharvest operations to mechanized labor-saving technologies has taken place in the country. Today’s agriculture is characterized by high-inputs agriculture – but not necessarily as a profitable agriculture in a long run. Given the lack of consensus and understanding on “appropriate mechanization”, the agriculture sector suffers from the inherited “inefficiencies” leading to unsatisfactory scores on the global scale of sustainability.

An all-inclusive mechanization considers different needs of gender, scale of operation and level of skills. This course intends to introduce the concept of “Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization” by highlighting the underlying inefficiencies and thereby suggesting possible solutions ranging from basic management of mechanization fleet to state-of-art advanced tools.

Program Content

Introduction to Sustainable
Agricultural Management
Modern Agriculture and
Assessment of Sustainability /
Systems Approach in Agriculture
Energy Inputs and Farm Productivity
Management of
Mechanized Agriculture
Machinery and
Machine-Labor Systems
Energy Modeling in Agricultural Production
Optimization Techniques
in Agricultural Processes
Design for Productivity,
Safety and Comfort
Agricultural Applications of
Renewable Energy Sources
Solar PV, Wind Energy in Agriculture
Biomass and Biogas; Biodiesel
Controlled-Environment AgricultureYield Forecasting and
Site-Specific Input Management
Sensor-based Monitoring of Soil and Plant
Modeling Agricultural Processes with Artificial
Neural Network


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The last date to register is October 15, 2019.


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