Course on Supply Chain Principles by Georgia Tech [Online, 12 Hours]: Enroll Now

About the Course

This course will provide a solid understanding of what a supply chain is all about. The course:

  • Provides an introduction to Supply Chain
  • Leverages graphics to promote the Integrated Supply Chain model
  • Emphasizes understanding the Extended Supply Chain
  • Presents a holistic approach
  • Incorporating People, Process, and Technology
  • Calls-out industry
  • specific supply chain
  • Leverages discussions, videos, quizzes, and questions for consideration
  • Provides awareness of career path opportunities
  • Presents emerging and futuristic trends in supply chain and given that at GT we are focused on developing what’s next in the world, we include Discussion of emerging and futuristic trends in supply chain. There is very little math involved in this course – so don’t worry at all about your math skills.
Skills you will gain
  • Procurement
  • Supply Chain
  • Transporting
  • Supply Chain Concepts
  • Planning & Procurement
  • Manufacturing & Service Operations
  • Warehousing Operations
  • Transportation Operations

To enroll for this course, click the link below.

Course on Supply Chain Principles

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