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Course on Scientific Methods and Research by Ural Federal University [5 Weeks]: Enroll Now

About the Course

What does it mean to conduct research? What are the distinct stages of the research process? What are the requirements of modern scientific research? How do you analyze a scientific article?

This course will teach you to conduct research in accordance with scientific methodology. You’ll learn to analyze scientific articles in engineering and science subjects, and how to conduct scientific experiments.

The course will help to develop the core skill of a scientist, giving you the research tools to succeed. The course material is well-suited for anyone interested in the problems of uncovering knowledge and science; giving you a methodology for the achievement of educational and scientific activities.

This course is for anyone who has ever said, “Science is interesting.” It will appeal to those who want to learn the processes behind modern scientific research.

What you’ll learn?
  • Understand the fundamental problems of science
  • Ability to analyze scientific articles
  • How to properly conduct scientific research and experiments
  • Week 1: The philosophical aspects of scientific activity
    Introduction to the Philosophy of Science. What is a “scientific theory”? The structure of a scientific theory. The methodology used to obtain scientific knowledge. Requirements to achieve scientific results.
  • Week 2: Theory and practice of scientific research
    What is research? Ph.D. requirements. Research planning. Research question. Modes inquiry. Induction and deduction in your research project.
  • Week 3: Philosophical principles of research
    Ontology and epistemology. Objectivity and subjectivity. Causation and correlation in your research project.
  • Week 4: Research process
    Literature review. Research questions and hypothesis. The structure of paper and plan investigation. Research impact.
  • Week 5: Methodology of experiment in engineering studies
    The purpose and structure of the experiment. Planning. Analysis of the results.
  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • Fundamentals of physics

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Course on Scientific Methods and Research 

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