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Course on Recent Advancements in Chemical Engineering and Material Sciences @ NIT Bhopal [Dec 25-29]: Register by Dec 20

By: Jasmeet | 23 Aug 2019 5:25 PM

The event will address some important questions and aim to help create a vision for the future. It will take up critical issues such as how we can harness solar energy to improve our prospects for a future powered by renewable energy, not only by enabling the greener energy but in helping to reduce the environmental impact of hydrocarbon fuels.

There will be discussion on questions such as: whether techniques of organic chemistry are combined with CO2 chemistry to produce useful chemicals, including medicine and fuels, whether spectroscopic and computational studies only help us to better understand these processes from a conceptual standpoint, but whether they can help us in designing better material for real application.

We hope the talks and discussion at this STTP to only answer questions currently being asked but prompt those present to ask new ones. It is in those new questions and the ideas to which they give birth that the future of the field lies. STTP will provide much time for interaction with scientists and Industrial delegates and students from different I.I.T’s, N.I.T’s. Participants will learn more about the recent advances in Chemical Engineering and Material Sciences and the growing impact of this subject, key societal issues of Energy Environment.

Course Content

The major areas of the STTP are:

  • Green catalysis and processes
  • Heterogeneous catalysis and Bio-catalysis
  • Carbon-based Nanomaterials
  • Nanomaterials for Energy & Environment
  • Nanotechnology & Environmental benefits
  • CO2 capture & conversion
  • Renewable energy and sustainable Synthesis
  • Photocatalysis, Solar cells, Fuel cell, and Water splitting
  • Hydrogen production and storage
  • Membrane for water and Energy management

Interested candidates can register online by clicking here.

Limited seats are available. Hence, participants are advised to register at the earliest to avoid any inconvenience. On spot, registration will also be available as per the availability of seats.

The last date to register is December 20, 2019.


Phone Number: +91-8989005393,

Email ID:

For further details, click here.

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