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Course on Protective Coatings: Low Friction, Wear and Corrosion @ NIT Jaipur [July 1-5]: Apply by June 30: Expired

IITB MSC Digital Society Programme
IITB MSC Digital Society Programme
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The increasing demand for performance of materials for accomplishing the growing requests of higher productivity in the manufacturing industry has led to a new paradigm in the materials development, the surface modification, in particular, the deposition of coatings.

This solution allows for supplying existing materials with new functionalities without deteriorating their original performance. This is particularly important whenever antagonist properties are requested for the materials, such as high hardness and high toughness.

In many mechanical applications, there are additional requirements that are most of the time limiting factors for the materials used, such as the corrosive environment, the aggressive contact conditions or the working temperature.

Course Components

The course will have two components: (1) Lectures (2) Experiential learning (hands-on training).

The lectures will cover 4 topics:

(i) Fundamentals of coatings deposition and their characterization,

(ii) Fundamentals of materials degradation phenomena and their evaluation,

Edureka - PG Diploma in AI & Machine Learning
Edureka - PG Diploma in AI & Machine Learning

(iii) Applications involving tribological performance at low temperature and

(iv) Applications involving tribological performance at high temperatures.

The experiential learning component is composed of three types of activities:

(i) Deposition of coatings and their characterization,

(ii) Experimental methods of surface degradation and

(iii) Individual or group technical consultations and lab visits to further enhance the interactions during the visit.

The experimental part is based on the recently acquired knowledge of the available resources at the MNIT Jaipur for both coatings deposition and methods of materials characterization.

Course Objectives

The objectives of this course are :

  •  To provide the participants with today’s detailed knowledge of the main problems arising during the in-service application of materials in very harsh environments and the most updated methods for fighting them.
  • To give an overview of the methods for the coatings characterization, in particular from the mechanical point of view.
Who Can Attend

Faculty members from reputed academic institutions.

• Research scholars and postgraduate students from reputed academic institutions.

• Industry experts

How to Apply

Interested candidates can apply by clicking here.


Phone Number: 0141-2713464

Email ID: office.mrc@mnit.ac.in

For further details, click here.

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