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The major objective of the course is to introduce immune system and primary immunodeficiency diseases. The course will also provide details related to predominantly antibody deficiencies, structure and function of phagocytic cells and their defects, congenital neutropenia, common variable immunodeficiencies, combined immunodeficiencies, syndromic immunodeficiencies.

Another objective is to introduce immunological screening tests and treatment of immunodeficiency diseases with clinical case studies. The role of Toll-Like Receptor (TLR) signaling in primary immune deficiencies or pattern recognition receptors in immunodeficiency disorders will also be discussed in details including mechanisms and pathways of innate immune activation and regulation in cancer, cancer immunotherapy and cancers in primary immunodeficiency diseases as well as TLRs as target for drug discovery.


A. Introduction to Immune System and Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases
B. Predominantly Antibody Deficiencies, Phagocyte Defects
C. Immunological Screening Tests and Treatment of Immunodeficiency Diseases
D. TLRs as target for drug discovery and cancer immunotherapy


▪ Executives, engineers and researchers from manufacturing, service and government
organizations including R&D laboratories.
▪ Students at all levels (MSc/MBBS/PhD) or Faculty from reputed academic institutions and
technical institutions.


Participants from abroad: US $300
Participants from Industry: INR 3000
Participants from Govt. Organizations: INR 2000


Phone: +91-8195968252
E-mail: salunke@pu.ac.in

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