Johns Hopkins University Patient Safety Course
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Course on Patient Safety by Johns Hopkins University [Online, 8 Months]: Enroll Now

About the Course

Preventable patient harms, including medical errors and healthcare-associated complications, are a global public health threat. Moreover, patients frequently do not receive treatments and interventions known to improve their outcomes. These shortcomings typically result not from individual clinicians’ mistakes, but from systemic problems — communication breakdowns, poor teamwork, and poorly designed care processes, to name a few.

The Patient Safety & Quality Leadership Specialization covers the concepts and methodologies used in process improvement within healthcare. Successful participants will develop a system’s view of safety and quality challenges and will learn strategies for improving culture, enhancing teamwork, managing change and measuring success. They will also lead all aspects of a patient safety and/or quality improvement project, applying the methods described over the seven courses in the specialization.

What you will learn?
  • Identify the core aspects of a strong patient safety culture.
  • Describe the attributes of systems and processes that support a strong patient safety culture and a culture of continuous learning.
  • Analyze safety and quality measures to identify areas for improvement as well as to monitor and sustain improvement projects.
  • Develop a patient safety or quality improvement strategic plan.
Skills you will gain?
  • Patient Care
  • Patient Safety
  • Comprehensive Unit-Based Safety Program (Cusp) Toolkit
  • Quality Improvement
  • Systems Thinking
  • Communication
  • Healthcare Leadership
  • Organizational Culture
  • Project Management
  • Design Thinking
  • Change Management
  • Project Planning
There are 7 Courses in this Specialization
  • Patient Safety and Quality Improvement: Developing a Systems View (Patient Safety I)
  • Setting the Stage for Success: An Eye on Safety Culture and Teamwork (Patient Safety II)
  • Planning a Patient Safety or Quality Improvement Project (Patient Safety III)
  • Designing for Sustainment: Keeping Improvement Work on Track (Patient Safety IV)
  • Implementing a Patient Safety or Quality Improvement Project (Patient Safety V)
  • Measuring the Success of a Patient Safety or Quality Improvement Project (Patient Safety VI)
  • Taking Safety and Quality Improvement Work to the Next Level (Patient Safety VII)

To enroll for this course, click the link below.

Course on Patient Safety by Johns Hopkins University.

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