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Course on Writing, Presenting & Submitting Scientific Papers in English by Tsinghua University [Online, 5 Weeks]: Enroll Now

About the course

In this communications course, you will learn how to properly write a paper in English, cite references and give attributions. You will also learn how to choose research topics and write proposals for research funding.

It is increasingly important that new scholars and students become familiar with, and abide by the international standard when writing papers, submitting them for publication, dealing with editors, and applying for funding. Above all, knowing how to conduct a clear English presentation is an essential requirement for research papers being accepted.

In this course, along with learning best practices for writing a paper, you will also learn about “conventions and protocols” of international academia and the cultural differences between East and West.

What you’ll learn?
  • How to write papers in English
  • Best practices for making presentations in English
  • Experiences and advice on scientific research
  • Benefits of taking part in an academic community
  • Chapter 1: Writing papers in English
  • Chapter 2: Making Presentations in English
  • Chapter 3: Taking Part in Academic Community
  • Chapter 4: Experiences and Advices on Scientific Research

5 Weeks (2-3 Hours per week).


FREE, Add a Verified Certificate for ₹3,700.

To enroll in this course, click the link below.

Course on Writing, Presenting and Submitting Scientific Papers in English 

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