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Course on The Extremes of Life: Microbes and Their Diversity by Kyoto University [Online, 4 Weeks]: Enroll Now

About the Course

Life on our planet is diverse. While we can easily recognize this in our everyday surroundings, an even more diverse world of life can be seen when we look under a microscope. This is the world of microorganisms. Microorganisms are everywhere, and although some are notorious for their roles in human disease, many play important roles in sustaining our global environment.
Among the wide variety of microorganisms, here we will explore those that thrive in the most extreme environments, the extremophiles. In this course, we will discover how diverse life is on our planet and consider the basic principles that govern evolution. We will also learn how we can classify organisms.
Following this, we will have a look at several examples of extreme environments, and introduce the microorganisms that thrive under these harsh conditions. We will lay emphasis on the thermophiles, extremophiles that grow at high temperatures and will study how proteins from thermophiles can maintain their structure and function at high temperatures.

What you’ll learn?
  • Basic principles of evolution
  • Recognition of the diversity of life
  • Methods to classify organisms
  • Basic knowledge of extremophiles
  • Principles that govern protein stability
  • Week 1: Evolution and the Diversity of Life
    Evolution is a result of diversification and selection
    How can we classify life?
    Phylogenetic analysis
    The three domains of life
  • Week 2: Life in Boiling Water
    Extreme environments
    More hyperthermophiles
    Thermostable proteins from hyperthermophiles
  • Week 3: Diversity of Extremophiles
    Preparing for a hot reaction
    Watching a hot reaction
    More extremophiles
  • Week 4: Genome Sequences
    What they tell us
    How can we use them?
    Using the genome to find new metabolic pathways | Part 1 and Part 2
    Diversity of the microbial world

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Course on The Extremes of Life: Microbes and Their Diversity 

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