Course on Sustainability & Energy Modeling of Traditional Architecture at NIT Calicut [May 25-30]: Registrations Open

About the Course

The tremendous urban infrastructure development worldwide, especially in developing countries necessitates sustainability and energy audit to minimize environmental and economic concerns, while leading to the social good. The design and construction of buildings have been evolved historically within societal cultural context.
Innovations within the building industry have advanced over the years with the discovery of new materials, new methods of structural and thermal analysis, the human-technology interventions, energy crisis and concerns on issues of climate change.
The mining, manufacturing and transporting of materials consumes lot of energy which contribute to environmental pollution. The environmental/ ecological issues and calamities are at rise often due to inefficient and unscientific building construction practices. It is imperative to apply sustainability concepts and energy-efficient alternatives in building construction for future.

  • Whole Building Modelling (BEM): Climate + Architecture + Environmental Impacts, Types of Environmental Analysis + Thermal Exchange Building Envelope, Thermal Envelope-Strategies to address Conduction+Radiation+Convection, Waste Management Strategies & Sustainable Alternate Building materials/ technologies.
  • Heat and Moisture Modeling: Thermal Envelope-Moisture loads (WUFI)
  • Heat and Thermal Analysis: Thermal Envelope- Analysis
Who can attend?
  • Persons from Training Organizations/ Research & Development Organizations/ Consultancy Firms/ Industries who are interested in practicing new training, teaching/ learning techniques.
  • Faculty members working in Engineering, Technology, Science, Arts, Education and Management disciplines in higher education institutions/ universities.
  • Students and Research Scholars aspiring to be in teaching or training profession
  • Faculty/ Scientists: RS. 4,500/- + 19% TAX
  • Participants from Industry: RS. 8,000/- + 19% TAX
  • Students and Research Scholar: RS. 2,000/- + 19% TAX
  • Particiapnts/ Scholars from Abroad: US$ 250

Dr. Kasthurba A K (Professor)
Phone : +495-2286905/01 (Office), 9946006309 (Mobile)
Email: kasthurba[at] or akkasthurba[at]

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