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Course On Human Health, Happiness and Flourishing at IIT Kharagpur [May 4-8]: Register by Apr 15

About the course

The foundation of positive psychology as an applied discipline of psychology began flourishing in identifying and enriching positive traits, positive states, positive emotions and positive human relationships. It assumes that positive aspects of human virtues and values can build up positive strengths and character that would facilitate the entire range of human feeling, thinking and actions.

This further helps human being leading a life of purpose, growth and prosperity with endless happiness and wellbeing. Thus, the present course is essential to learn the possibilities of positive psychology to create and develop a positive person, a positive society and a positive community that would benefit the entire world from all evils and dangers.


The objective of the present course is to understand the concept, theories and applications of positive psychology in the framework of human health, happiness and wellbeing. It is also designed to examine the benefits of positive psychology at work, education, family and society. The course is expected to benefit a wide range of participants from academics, industries of all types, NGOs and anyone who wants to nurture positive virtue and character for growth and prosperity in life.

  • Understanding human health, happiness, and flourishing;
  • Assessment and Intervention;
  • Role of positive psychology in human health, happiness and flourishing;
  • Examining western and eastern perspectives on positive psychology;
  • Evaluating the role of hope, optimism, self-efficacy, and resilience in human life;
  • Power of purpose and being positive;
  • Nurturing positive attitude, competencies, skills and abilities to enhance individuals/employees operational effectiveness, having purpose and meaning in life, creating positive citizenship , community and society;
  • Exploring why happy people live longer, perform better and nurture others;
  • Nurturing positive cultures, leaders, teams and organizations, etc

Any graduate and post graduate from academics, industry and NGOs, etc. Course Fees for Indian Nationals/SAARC/  Low Income Countries: (Including GST 18%). One can apply via this page.

  • Students/Research Scholars: Rs 6490.00;
  • Academic faculty: Rs. 8850.00,
  • NGO/Private Practitioner: Rs. 11800.00
  • Industry/Organisation: Rs. 17700.00 for
  • SAARC/Low income Countries: Rs. 17700 .00
  • Course Fees for Foreign Participants (Other than SAARC/Low-Income countries): USD 350.00

Prof. Rabindra Kumar Pradhan
Phone No. 9434703900/ 8116679777
Emails: rabikp2050[at]gmail.com/ rkpradhan[at]hss.iitkgp.ac.in

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