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Course on Embedded Systems- Shape The World: Microcontroller Input/Output by Texas University [Online, 8 Weeks]: Enroll Now

By: Gurjit Kaur | 15 Feb 2020 7:32 PM
About the course

This is part one of a two part sequence. Together these are hands-on, learn-by-doing courses that show you how to build solutions to real-world problems using embedded systems. In this course, we take a bottom-up approach to problem solving, building gradually from simple interfacing of switches and LEDs to complex concepts like a microcontroller-based pacemaker, digital lock, and a traffic light controller.

We will present both general principles and practical tips for building circuits and programming the microcontroller in the C programming language. You will develop debugging skills using oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, and software instrumentation.

Laboratory assignments are first performed in simulation, and then you will build and debug your system on the real microcontroller. At the conclusion of this part 1 you will possess the knowledge to build your own traffic light controller from the ground up.

What you’ll learn?
  • Understanding of embedded systems using modular design and abstraction
  • C programming: considering both function and style
  • Build and test circuits with switches, LEDs, resistors, potentiometers, and liquid crystal displays
  • Synchronizing hardware and software input/output with switches, lights, sound, sensors. motors, and liquid crystal displays
  • Learn how to solve problems using a finite state machine
  • Debug using oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, and software instrumentation
  • Learn how to read a data sheet
  • Construct traffic light controller
  • Module 1: Welcome and introduction to course and staff
  • Module 2: Fundamental concepts: numbers, computers, and the ARM Cortex M processor
  • Module 3: Electronics: resistors, voltage, current and Ohm’s Law
  • Module 4: Digital Logic: transistors, flip flops and logic functions
  • Module 5: Introduction to C programming
  • Module 6: Microcontroller Input/Output
  • Module 7: Design and Development Process
  • Module 8: Interfacing Switches and LEDs
  • Module 9: Arrays and Functional Debugging
  • Module 10: Finite State Machines

To know more and enroll for this course, click the link below.

Course on Embedded Systems- Shape The World: Microcontroller Input/Output

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