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All professionals, whether they are physical scientists, health scientists, medical professionals or other disciplines, need to have some common knowledge of nuclear radiation if they use it in their works in one way or the other. The common knowledge is regarding the quantification of radiation levels and estimate the durations over which the radiations are significant contributors, the interactions of the radiation with matter along with the physico-chemical changes the radiation can induce in material media.

This course will provide the participants with this knowledge and get them familiar with the web-based tools to enable them to become life-long learners and stay current with nuclear radiation information during their careers and beyond.

The primary objectives of the course are as follows:
– To enable the participants to be able to ask right questions and be able to quantify the levels of radiations in a given system and be able estimate the time-variations of the radiation levels.
– To enable the participants to assess the possible nuclear transformations and possible bye-products in these processes.
– To enable the participants to assess the radiation doses and dose distributions in material samples
– To enable the participants to assess various methods of producing medical isotopes and determine their relative merits.


– you are a trainee or researcher in manufacturing, service and government organizations including Public and Private R&D laboratories, technical staff of radiation therapy and nuclear medical imaging facilities.
– you are a Students at all levels (BTech/MSc/MTech/PhD) or a Faculty from academic institutions and technical institutions.


The participation fees for taking the course is as follows:
– Participants from abroad: US $500
– Industry/ Research Organizations: Rs.10,000/-
– Academic Institutions: Rs. 3,000/-
The above fee includes all course materials, computer use for tutorials and assignments, laboratory equipment usage charges, 24 hr free internet facility. The participants will be provided with accommodation on payment basis.


Phone: +91-1881-242122, +91-8283834321
E-mail: pps@iitrpr.ac.in

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