Course on Nonlinear Estimation for Engineers at IIT Patna [Feb 1-5]: Register by Jan 28

By: Jasmeet | 10 Jan 2020 10:21 PM

IIT Patna under its CEP scheme is conducting a short term course on Nonlinear Estimation for Engineers from February 1 to 5, 2020.

The proposed course will guide the participants through the theory and practice of linear and nonlinear filtering. Theory, including the state of the art developments in filtering as applied in different branches of engineering, will be taught through classroom-based lectures. The participants will have an opportunity to implement the filtering algorithms they learn in the class on prototype simulations in a high-level programming language such as Matlab, in the supervised tutorial session.

  • Exposing the participants to the state of art knowledge on nonlinear estimation.
  • Providing exposure to practical estimation problems in engineering.
  • Building confidence in designing filters for real-life problems through hands-on simulation sessions.
  • Enhancing the capabilities of the participants in identifying the estimation problems and implementing suitable estimators to achieve the chosen objectives.
Course Content
  1. Linear algebra, matrix operations, QR decomposition, concept of state space approach, random process, stationary, ensemble, ergodicity, multivariate probability density functions.
  2. Motivation and basics of filtering, prediction, and smoothing, linear Gaussian systems, white noise, filtering problem for linear Gaussian case, KF recursion. KF properties, convergence.
  3. Linearization for nonlinear systems, the extended Kalman filter, imitations. Unscented transformation, generation of support points and weights, unscented Kalman filter, Cubaturerule of Integration, Gauss-Laguerre rule of integration, generation of support points and weights, cubature quadrature Kalman filter.
Registration Fees

The Participation fees for attending the workshop are as follows:

  • Industry: Rs.25,000
  • Academia: Rs.10,000 Student/
  • ResearchScholar: Rs.7,500

The above fee includes all instructional materials, tutorials, Internet and laboratory facilities during class hours. A Certificate of participation from IITPatna will be awarded to all participants after the successful completion of the course.


To download the registration form, click here. A scanned copy of the filled-in registration form should be sent to by January 28, 2020.


Email ID:

For further details, click here.

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