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Course on Non-Equilibrium in Aerodynamics @ IIT Kharagpur [Sept 16-20]: Apply by Aug 31

By: Jasmeet | 19 Jul 2019 4:25 PM

The subject of “Non-equilibrium Aerothermodynamics” involves the study of nonequilibrium gas flows from a microscopic (molecular) perspective. The approach is based on the kinetic theory, which is usually applied to the modeling of non-equilibrium gas flows, such as
rarefied flows through micro/nano-channels and around high-speed vehicles operating at high

Considering the ongoing focus of research/industries on the micro/nanoscale
technologies and human space/planetary missions, it is important to have a short-term course such as “Non-equilibrium Aerothermodynamics”.

Such a course would not only prepare graduate students for working on state-of-the-art research problems but also would train them to suit the changing job requirements in the market. The proposed course, organized by IIT Kharagpur, is one such initiative in this direction, with the objective of disseminating the knowledge in this interesting subject.

  • To develop an ability to when and where to apply the microscopic description of fluids.
  • To understand the concepts, procedures, and applications of the kinetic theory of gases and the Boltzmann equation.
  • To introduce the basic solution procedures of the Boltzmann equation using the particle-based Direct Simulation Monte-Carlo (DSMC) approach.
Who can Apply?

You are an advanced student (4th-year undergraduate or higher) in Aerospace/ Mechanical
Engineering Program.

Program Fees

INR 5,000/- (Five thousand) + GST @18% per participant.


Interested candidates can apply online by clicking here.


Phone Number: +91-3222-283004

Email ID:

For further details, click here.

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