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Course on Modern Product Leadership by University of Maryland [4 Weeks, Online]: Enroll Now!

Course on Modern Product Leadership by University of Maryland [4 Weeks, Online]: Enroll Now!

University of Maryland course
University of Maryland course

About the Course

Product Managers are masters at internal sales, team building, delegation, and empowerment. They also know that great product management careers are not built alone. From envisioning a product strategy to correctly portraying the product roadmap, the process must be inclusive, interactive, and motivating with modern leadership techniques. As your products grow, you’ll also need to skills to manage teams of teams. This course will enable you to align product teams, product designs, and product development for speed and innovation at scale.

What you’ll learn?

  • Product leadership as modern leadership
  • Building and motivating the team
  • Team processes, events, and the art of the demo
  • Conflict management and resolution techniques for speed and effectiveness
  • Product evangelism and communicating with data across the enterprise
  • Product or
  • Discovering and delivering products at scale


  • Module 1: Modern Leadership for Product Organizations
  • Module 2: Building and Motivating the Product Team
  • Module 3: Influencing Product Stakeholders for Greater Outcomes
  • Module 4: Organizing Product Discovery and Delivery for Speed at Scale


John Johnson Strategic Program Manager, Faculty, Clark School of Engineering, University of Maryland University of Maryland, College Park

To enroll in this course, click the link below.

Course on Modern Product Leadership

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