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Course on Microstructural Evolution during Friction Stir Processing @ IIT Gandhinagar [Sept 16-21]: Register by Sept 1


Friction stir processing (FSP) is a solid-state material processing technology where the microstructure of material can be altered without melting. Severe plastic deformation during FSP results in the generation of a recrystallized fine-grained microstructure within the stirred zone.
The process can be applied to various applications such as grain refinement, superplasticity, casting modification, low-temperature deformability, surface alloying and surface composites, etc. Understanding of the microstructural evolution during FSP due to the effect of both thermal energy and deformation is of great importance to developing alloy properties of certain liking.
The course will cover the basics of microstructural evolution during FSP, including ultra-fine grained structures, precipitate dissolution, homogenization, dynamic recrystallization, etc. The course will compare microstructural evolution in primary engineering alloys, like, steels, aluminum alloys, titanium alloys, magnesium alloys, and alloys that cannot be traditionally processed, like immiscible copper alloys.


i) Introduction to fundamentals of Friction Stir Processing of materials
ii) Understating of microstructural evolution during FSP of primary engineering alloys such as steels, aluminum alloys, magnesium alloys, titanium alloys
iii) Development of ultrafine-grained materials and understanding of enhanced precipitate dissolution using FSP
iv) Comparison of microstructure evolution during FSP of alloys difficult to process such as immiscible copper alloys
v) Unique microstructural evolution in new high entropy alloys
vi) Surface processing and casting modification using FSP

  • Introduction to FSP and process parameters
  • Fundamentals of process, heat generation, and material deformation
  • Grain refinement during FSP
  • Microstructure evolution in FSP of aluminum alloys
  • Steels and Titanium alloys
  • Immiscible Copper alloys
  • Precipitate dissolution kinetics
  • Ultra-fine grained materials and superplasticity
  • High entropy alloys
  • Applications for surface processing and casting modification

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Email ID: amitarora@iitgn.ac.in

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