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Course on Mechanics of Unsaturated Soils at IIT Madras [Dec 10-20]: Registrations Open


Expansive soils, compacted soils, collapsible soils, and residual soils are typical examples of unsaturated soils. Conventional saturated mechanics principles are not applicable for soils that are typically in a state of unsaturated condition. This course provides a framework to understand the principles of mechanics for unsaturated soils in terms of two stress state variables (namely, net normal stress and matric suction).

The focus will be mainly on understanding the fundamentals related to the mechanics of unsaturated soils, three key engineering properties of soils: coefficient of permeability, shear strength and volume change behavior. In addition, principles for extending the mechanics of unsaturated soils in the design of foundations and estimating 1-D heave of expansive soils will be explained.

Key concepts will also be introduced towards using the soil-water characteristic curve as a tool in the prediction of several unsaturated soil properties (shear strength, permeability, volume change, and swelling pressure).

Who can Attend?
  • Students at all levels (B.Tech./ M.S./ M.Tech./ PhD).
  • Faculty from academic institutions and technical institutions.
  • Executives, engineers, and researchers from private, service and government organizations including R&D laboratories.
Registration Fees
  1. Participants from abroad: US $500 plus 18% GST
  2. Student participants: Rs. 2,000 (Exempt from the GST)
  3. Faculty participants: Rs. 5,000 plus 18% GST
  4. Research Organizations / Industry participants: Rs. 10,000 plus 18% GST
  5. The above fee is towards participation in the course, the course material, and refreshments.

Interested candidates can register online by clicking here.


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