PGPEX‐VLFM is designed with a philosophy of proactive approach to the manufacturing paradigms and create the change agents who would provide the strategic impetus for manufacturing in India. VLFM program is designed for peer learning driven pedagogy with:

  • 1030+ contact hours with strong focus on manufacturing technology, process and leadership
  • 4 weeks Industry Internship – India / Global
  • 2 weeks of International visits and Industry Treks

Salient features

  • One year, full‐time residential program of NITIE with IIT Delhi as academic partner
  • Combination of faculty from NITIE, IIT Delhi, International academia and Industry leaders
  • Distinct curriculum designed on experiential and peer learning ‐ Practise the learning
  • Unique emphasis on next generation technologies, strategies and develop systemic approaches to manufacturing leadership
  • Closely coupled with industry from day 0 and growth towards senior management positions and manufacturing entrepreneurship

Program objectives

  • Assess the manufacturing challenges in a dynamic business environment.
  • Evaluate the options (tech, process and mgmt.) in manufacturing systems to address challenges.
  • Devise plans to enhance manufacturing competitiveness.
  • Create an environment for innovations to achieve manufacturing excellence.

Who can participate?

  • Passionate engineers with 5 – 12 years of experience in the manufacturing domain.
  • Professionals demonstrating leadership capabilities.
  • Ability to thrive in an experiential and peer driven learning environment.


  • Embed design information into manufacturing leadership leading to design oriented thinking
  • Transform manufacturing executives into a synergistic force across engineering interfaces towards forming and leading creative teams.
  • Develop sustainable societal growth path by leveraging manufacturing innovations.


  • Application Window Opens: April 2017
  • Selection Process and Results: May 2017
  • Program Commencement: September 2017

Program Highlights

  • Internship: 4 Weeks
  • Industry Treks: 2 Weeks
  • International Visit: 2 weeks

Note: This is a full time programme. Participants would travel to NITIE, Mumbai and IIT Delhi.

For more details, please see the brochure here.


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