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Course on Making Sense of Climate Science Denial by University of Queensland [Online, 7 Weeks]: Enroll Now

Course on Making Sense of Climate Science Denial by University of Queensland [Online, 7 Weeks]: Enroll Now

University of Queensland Course
University of Queensland Course
About the Course

In public discussions, climate change is a highly controversial topic. However, in the scientific community, there is little controversy with 97% of climate scientists concluding humans are causing global warming.

  • Why the gap between the public and scientists?
  • What are the psychological and social drivers of the rejection of the scientific consensus?
  • How has climate denial influenced public perceptions and attitudes towards climate change?
What you’ll learn?
  • How to recognise the social and psychological drivers of climate science denial
  • How to better understand climate change: the evidence that it is happening, that humans are causing it and the potential impacts
  • How to identify the techniques and fallacies that climate myths employ to distort climate science
  • How to effectively debunk climate misinformation
  • WEEK 1: Understanding The Climate Controversy- During the first week of the course, we introduce the course content, interact with each other and complete an introductory survey. The week continues with an exploration of political consensus, the drivers and psychology of climate science denial and an overview of the controversy surrounding this topic.
  • WEEK 2: Global Warming Is Happening- In week two, we will look at the indicators of global warming and myths related to temperature and glaciers.
  • WEEK 3: We Are Causing Gobal Warming- Week three focuses on the ways in which humans cause climate change and the myths associated with the greenhouse effect and the rise in carbon dioxide.
  • WEEK 4: The Past Tells Us About The Future- This week looks at the history of climate change in order to model future climate change. We also address myths related to models.
  • WEEK 5: We Are Feeling The Impacts Of Climate Change- Week five covers climate feedbacks and the impacts of climate change on the environment, society and the weather.
  • WEEK 6 and 7: Responding to Denial- The final weeks of the course look more closely at the psychology of science denial and debunking techniques. We also complete a peer assessment that asks students to practice debunking strategies on real myths that can be found in today’s media.

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To enroll in this course, click the link below.

Course on Making Sense of Climate Science Denial 

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