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Course on Latest MIMO Technologies for 5G Networks at IIT Kanpur [Jul 27-Aug 3]: Registrations Open: Expired


IIT Kanpur is conducting an 8 day Course on Latest MIMO Technologies for 5G Networks from July 27 to 3 August 2020. This 8-day course focusing on the key signal processing and optimization strategies for 5G MIMO wireless networks based on the latest Massive MIMO, mmWave MIMO, NOMA, Cooperative Communication, Cognitive Radio, and IoT technologies.

This course will thoroughly cover the major 5G technologies above, also taking into account results and insights in recently published papers from top journals. The last two days of the course will focus extensively on MATLAB projects by all the participants to enable them to understand the finer aspects and challenges in the translation of research into the practical implementation of 5G technologies.

  • Introduction and Key Specs of 5G Technologies
  • Opportunities and Challenges in mmWave MIMO Communication
  • Channel Models for mmWave MIMO Systems
  • Hybrid Signal Processing for mmWave MIMO
  • Digital and Analog Beamforming
  • Hybrid RF/ BB Precoder and Combiner Design for mmWave MIMO
  • Hybrid Transceiver Architectures for mmWave MIMO
  • Sparse Signal Processing and Channel Estimation for mmWave MIMO
  • Optimal Design of Beams and Sensing Matrix for Channel Estimation
  • Overview of Sub 6GHz Multiple Antenna, MIMO, and MU-MIMO Technologies
  • Signal Processing for MIMO Systems
  • Optimal Power Allocation and Precoding for MIMO
  • Introduction to 5G Massive MIMO Systems
Registration Fees
  • Undergraduate B.Tech/B.E. Students from Engineering Colleges: (7500 + 18% GST = Rs 8850)
  • Postgraduate M.Tech/M.E./ Students from Universities/ Engineering Colleges: (8500 + 18% GST = Rs 10,030 )
  • Ph.D. Research Scholars from Universities/ Engineering Colleges: (8500 + 18% GST = Rs 10,030)
  • Faculty of Engineering Colleges/ Universities: (9000 + 18% GST = Rs 10,620)
  • Industry Professionals/Personnel from R & D Organisations: (10,000 + 18% GST = Rs 11,800)
How to Apply?
  1. To register online for the course, click here.
  2. Accommodation is available on a sharing basis only for all registered participants on payment.
  3. Due to the tight accommodation situation at IIT Kanpur, requests for individual accommodation or a particular accommodation venue will not be entertained.

Phone Number: 0512-2597486

Email ID: mimo5G.iitk@gmail.com

For further details, click here.


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