Course on Introduction to Modern Cryptography @ NIT Jamshedpur [July 1-6]: Apply by June 10: Expired

Course on Modern CryptographyThe Department of Mathematics of National Institute of Technology (NIT), Jamshedpur is organizing a TEQIP-III Short Term Course on Introduction to Modern Cryptography (IMC-2019) during July 1-6, 2019. Apply by June 10, 2019.

Course Objectives:

Cryptography is the science or art of securing data. It is the study of information hiding and verification. Cryptography has crept into everything, from Web browsers and e-mail programs to cell phones, bank cards, cars and even into medical implants, voting system.

The fundamental objective of this course is to provide an introduction to modern cryptography and cryptanalysis. A wide variety of basic cryptographic primitives will be discussed in this course. It will enable the participants to learn the use of Mathematics in

The course will help to get the idea about the attacks on existing cryptosystems along with the possible preventions. In addition to that, some advanced topics like post-quantum cryptography, electronic voting, functional encryption, Blockchain, crypto-currency, and two-party/multi-party computation.

  • Faculty/UG/PG/Research Scholars from any Central/State/Private University or Institute.
  • Interested Participants from Industry.
Tentative Contents:
  • Introduction to Classical Cryptography.
  • Block and Stream cipher.
  • Data Encryption Standard (DES) & Modes of operations.
  • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).
  • Introduction to PKC.
  • Provable Security: Security Reductions.
  • Secret Sharing.
  • Broadcast Encryption and Attribute-Based Encryption.
  • Functional Encryption.
  • Elliptic Curve Cryptography.
  • Stream Cipher Cryptanalysis.
  • Multi-party computation.
  • Obfuscator & Multilinear maps.
  • ID-based cryptosystems.
  • Code-based cryptography.
  • Lattice-based cryptography.
  • Multivariate Public Key Cryptography.
  • Blockchain and crypto-currency.
  • Block cipher cryptanalysis.
Registration Fee:
  • Overseas Participants: Rs. 13,797 (US $200).
  • Faculty: INR 4000.
  • Participants from Industry: INR 4000.
  • Outside Students: INR 3500.
  • NIT Jamshedpur Students (without food): INR 1000.
How to Apply?

Duly signed application form along with the proof of online transfer/bank transfer should be emailed to sdebnath.math[at]nitjsr.ac.in by June 10.


Dr. Sumit Kumar Debnath, Department of Mathematics, NIT Jamshedpur, Jamshedpur-831014, Jharkhand, India.
Email: sdebnath.math[at]nitjsr.ac.in, Phone: +917001672827.

For the registration form format and other information, click here.

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