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Course on Healthcare Trends for Business Professionals by Northeastern University [Online, 4 Months]: Enroll Now

About the Course

This Specialization will provide learners with the knowledge and skills to recognize key shifts in the industry and to have an agile perspective on how these shifts might impact their organizations. Learners will be exposed to the key drivers in the global healthcare industry today so they might apply what they have learned to help their organizations.

What you will learn?
  • Assess current and future healthcare trends to identify gaps and suggest informed improvements.
  • Identify and manage the changes needed in organizations to execute new strategies within a changing healthcare landscape.
  • Define healthcare quality and examine the implications potential changes would have for members of the healthcare ecosystem.
  • Identify the drivers and trends of healthcare spending from the perspective of various stakeholders.
Skills you will gain
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Analytics
  • Decision Support System
  • Workflow
There are 4 Courses in this Specialization
  • Healthcare Consumerism and Implication for Care Delivery: In this course we will examine the changing role of the consumer in healthcare. Consumers are asking for more accountability in how healthcare is delivered and paid for. Healthcare professionals must make sure that they are delivering high quality, personalized care.
  • Future Healthcare Payment Models: This course will review the drivers of healthcare cost and solutions that have been proposed to address cost, quality and value of health care. Many point blame for high costs on payment models that pay healthcare providers for every service they provide to patients, essentially paying more for volume and service intensity. This is called a Fee for Service (FFS) payment model.
  • Evaluating the Quality of Healthcare Delivery: In this course, you will have the opportunity to learn about the great progress that has been made in measuring and evaluating quality of care. We will discuss key concepts and methods. You will also learn about how to use websites for comparing the quality of healthcare providers.
  • Business Application of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: The future of healthcare is becoming dependent on our ability to integrate Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence into our organizations. But it is not enough to recognize the opportunities of AI; we as leaders in the healthcare industry have to first determine the best use for these applications ensuring that we focus our investment on solving problems that impact the bottom line.

To enroll for this course, click the link below.

Course on Healthcare Trends for Business Professionals.

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