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Course on Healthcare IT Support by Johns Hopkins University [Online, 4 Months]: Enroll Now!

About the Course

The courses in this specialization are designed to pique your interest regarding the ever-evolving field of IT support in healthcare. In order to help physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and a wide range of other allied health professionals and non-clinical staff, you need to be familiar with the basic language of healthcare.

Through this 4-course specialization, we’ll take you on a whirlwind tour of what it means to play a critical role in maintaining the ongoing operations of a hospital, health system, clinic or other healthcare setting.

You’ll be introduced to the basics of health IT fundamentals, the different technologies relevant to healthcare, and important aspects of data security, privacy and compliance. You’ll have an opportunity to hear stories of inspiration from health IT staff who once were in your shoes.

Go behind-the-scenes at a large hospital to learn about the many ways in which IT support staff play a role in helping patients, providers and the population. You’ll even receive tips on job interviews and advice on how to succeed on this career path.

There are 4 Courses in this Specialization

  • The Critical Role of IT Support Staff in Healthcare
  • Health Information Technology Fundamentals
  • Operations and Patient Safety for Healthcare IT Staff
  • Healthcare Data Security, Privacy, and Compliance


  • Ashwini S. Davison, M.D.
    Director of Strategy and Transformation
    Informatics Education
  • Jessica M. Roosth
    Project Leader
    Information Technology
  • Ebony Williams
    EPIC Applications Supervisor
    Clinical Information Systems Education
  • Sylvia Devlin, (R) (M) (QM), CIIP
    IT Manager
    MIIT – Clinical Operations and eRadiology Center
  • Paul Nagy, PhD, FSIIM
    Associate Professor of Radiology
    Informatics Education

To enroll in this course, click the link below.

Course on Healthcare IT Support by Johns Hopkins University

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