Course on Finite Element Method Simulations in Metal Forming @ IIT Bombay [Dec 9-13]: Apply by Dec 5: Expired


Overview Finite element method is usually the only way to simulate the metal forming processes. Academic examples are too simple to be of any real value, and real-life plasticity problems are too complex for a simple analysis. This is on account of material as well as geometric nonlinearities. Frictional effects are usually significant and hot deformation simulations call for coupled analysis.
Even when using a commercial code it is important to have a proper understanding of the numerous options one chooses before the complete formulation of the problem is submitted to the solver. Given the diversity of shapes, forming conditions, materials, strain rates, and frictional conditions, tool geometry, etc.

  • Create an understanding of the concept of the formability of materials and its assessment through the FEM.
  • Induce understanding of different FEM formulations to simulate plastic deformation
  • Enable participants to use commercial FEM programs with a proper understanding of the various functionalities.
  • Enable participants to solve an application problem in plasticity using the FEM
Course Content
  1. Finite Element Flow Formulation. The analogy with fluid dynamics. Fundamentals and discretization by Finite Elements (Part 1)
  2. Finite Element Flow Formulation. Fundamentals and discretization by Finite Elements
  3. Finite Element Flow Formulation. Computer implementation. Thermo-electro-mechanical modeling. Friction. 
  4. Understanding the Source Code of a Simple Fortran Computer Program Based on the Finite Element Flow Formulation
  5. Understanding the Source Code of a Simple Fortran Computer Program based on Mapped Meshing
  6. Finite Element Solid Formulation. Modeling of Springback
Who can Attend?

College teachers working on numerical simulation of metal forming, especially those having some basic background of FEM applied to plastic deformation.


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The last date to register is December 5, 2019.


Phone Number: +91 (22) 2572 2545

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