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Course on Fatigue of Composite Materials @ NIT Jalandhar [Nov 11-15]: Registrations Open!

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There has been an upsurge in the interest in composite materials in the last few decades, primarily due to the high demand for material performance placed by advanced technologies. Conventional materials are unable to meet these demands. Improvements in mechanical properties, e.g. stiffness, strength and fracture toughness, are being increasingly made feasible by advancements in composite manufacturing technologies.
Numerous applications of these materials can be found in the aerospace sector—significant parts of commercial and fighter airplanes are made of advanced composite materials; the automotive industry—racing car chassis, ceramic brakes, etc; the wind industry, where wind turbine rotors with diameters of more than 100 meters are now constructed using fiber-reinforced composite materials.
The use of concrete composites in different civil engineering infrastructures such as bridge decks, harbors, docks, pre-stressed concrete pavements, dams, etc. has increased in the past few decades. Indeed, the applications for which composite materials are being found to be most advantageous are precisely those situations in which the degradation of strength and life by fatigue process is most likely.

  • Understand the basic mechanisms involved in the fatigue behavior of composite materials.
  • Understand various methodologies for fatigue life modeling and fatigue life prediction of composite materials.
  • Use various statistical/probabilistic concepts for the analysis of fatigue life data for composite materials.
  • Use various soft computing techniques for fatigue life modeling of composite materials

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Edureka - PG Diploma in AI & Machine Learning

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