Course on Experimental Models in Stem Cells & Tissue Regeneration @ Anna University [Sep 16-17]: Registrations Open

About the Course

The field of stem cell biology and regenerative medicine is rapidly moving toward translation to clinical practice. It integrates the knowledge and tools from biological sciences and engineering. Regeneration is the regrowth of a damaged organ part from the remaining tissue. Unfortunately, many other human tissues don’t regenerate, and a goal in regenerative medicine is to find ways to kick-start tissue regeneration in the body or to engineer replacement tissues.
Recent reports have suggested the more significant therapeutic effects of the anti-inflammatory, trophic, paracrine and immune-modulatory functions associated with the stem cells, which induce them to restore normal healing and tissue regeneration by modulating immune reactions, regulating inflammation, and suppressing fibrosis.
Course participants will learn these topics through lectures and tutorials.


 You are an engineer or scientist from Biological Sciences engaged in stem cell and tissue engineering research.
 You are a student (B.Tech/M.Tech/Ph.D/Post-Doctoral Fellows) or faculty from academic institution engaged in or interested in Redox biology.

Registration Fees

Academic Institutions Students – Rs. 1000/-
Academic Institutions Staff – Rs. 2000/-
Industry/ Research Organizations – Rs. 3000/-
Participants from abroad – US $500


Phone: 044-22350772
E-mail: anu@annauniv.edu

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