Course on Environmental Management @ IISc [Bangalore, Sept-Dec]: Apply by Aug 1: Expired

This course provides an overview of the key concepts and principles in environmental management, areas of global and national environmental concern, and strategies
and tools for effective environmental management. Attempt to understand the genesis of environmental problems; the concerns that lead to various international and national initiatives to tackle them have been made in this course.
Various tools, which can be used to address environmental problems and the role that the
professionals can play in managing environment in their respective areas would be discussed.

  • Principles of Environmental Management.
  • Principles of Ecology, Environment & Environmental Management.
  • Municipal Solid Waste Management – Principle and case studies
  • Policies and Legal Aspect of Environmental Management.
  • Overview of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Environmental Audit.
  • Life Cycle Assessment as EM Tool.
  • Environmental Management Systems Standards
  • Carrying capacity assessment
  • Environmental Design.
  • Environmental Economics.
  • Application of Geoinformatics (Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing) in Environmental Management.

Course Schedule

  • Class room briefing and introductory sessions at the beginning of the courses (5 days: During Sept 1-5 2018) followed by first term test.
  • October and November 2018: Interactive session through internet (web and email) for two months. The course will be active only as online study through Internet and interaction with course faculty by chat sessions, Internet discussion forums and e-mail. Participation in online test and assignments are mandatory.
  • November and December 2018: Announcement of dissertation and implementation
    by participations.
  • December 2018: Final Contact session (23-28 Dec, interactive session, project presentations, guest lectures), Final exam.

The course fees are given below:

  • Participants from industries and independent consultants: Rs. 25,000 + GST
  • ISTE Members – with work experience of 10 years as teaching faculty: Rs. 16,000 + GST
  • Unemployed fresh graduates (graduated after 2017), PG students: Rs. 10,000 + GST


  • Participants must submit online application here.
  • Participants must also submtit curriculum vitae along with brief description of current work (if employed) or their area of work / specialization;
  • an outline of individual project: especially skills likely to gain in the course.

For any queries, contact

  • Centre for Continuing Education,
    Indian Institute of Science Bangalore
    Phone: 91 080 2293 2055/2491/2247
    E-mail: office.cce@iisc.ac.in, so.cce@iisc.ac.in
For any further information, visit here

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