Course on Engineering Strategies to Restore the Nervous System at IIT Guwahati [Dec 2-13]: Registrations Open


The course will delve at the traditional and emerging strategies in tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, and neural engineering, with a focus on the development of polymer-based scaffolds, cell-based “living scaffolds”, and living bio-hybrid interfaces as constructs to facilitate nervous system regeneration, circuit reconstruction, and neuromodulation.

With over 400 people dying every day in India from road accidents and many more being debilitated there is an urgent need for technological innovations propelling the development of affordable technologies to restore/reconstruct the damaged nervous system.

The course is organized in two modules that should be taken together. The topics in Module A will present an overview of the field of Neural Tissue Engineering with a focus towards biomaterial types and fabrication methods along with their applications in Peripheral and Central Nervous System. Module B will emphasize on Neural Engineering and development of Biohybrid Neuromodulation platforms. A brief overview of the technological landscape in Neural Tissue Engineering with respect to intellectual property and patents would also be provided.

Who can Attend?
  • Executives, engineers and researchers from manufacturing, service and government organizations including R&D laboratories.
  • Student at all levels (BTech/MSc/MTech/PhD) or Faculty from reputed academic institutions and technical institutions from any branch having interest in, the subject.
Registration Fee

The participation fees for registering the course is as follows:

  • Student Participants: INR 1,000/- (refundable)
  • Participants from abroad: US $500
  • Industry/ Research Organizations: INR 30,000 + 18 % GST
  • Academic and Institutions: INR 10,000 + 18 % GST

The above fees include all instructional materials, computer use for tutorials and assignments (if any), laboratory equipment usage charges, and 24-hour free internet facility. The participants will be provided with accommodation on payment basis.


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Phone Number: +91-361-258-3204

Email ID: ubora@iitg.ac.in

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