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About the Course

Interpersonal communication is one of the most important management skills: everyday we relate with our bosses, collaborators, customers and colleagues. Being a good communicator is synonym to being a good leader.

Interpersonal and group communication helps us to create better business environments, and therefore, to have better results.

What you’ll learn?

  • Understand the importance of communication in people’s lives and thus boost the improvement in our ability to effectively socialize.
  • Identify the concept of communication to clarify its importance.
  • Develop communication skills: assertiveness and empathy.
  • Apply communication skills to performance feedback and achieve organizational objectives.


Topic 1. Human communication levels

  • Concept and communication levels
  • Communication skills

Topic 2. Assertive communication

  • Differences between aggressiveness, non- assertiveness, and assertiveness
  • A technique for planning our communication: the DESC Script

Topic 3. Empathetic listening

  • Listening levels: hearing, listening, and empathizing
  • The technique of empathetic listening: typical responses vs. empathetic responses

Topic 4. Performance feedback

  • Recognizing good and bad performance
  • The GROW Model: steps for conducting a feedback session


Carlos Alberto Tena Sánchez Dr. Tecnológico de Monterrey

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Course on Effective Communication for Today’s Leader

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