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About the Course

Multiple experts from across faculties at The University of Hong Kong and professionals engaged in gender-related developments in Asia will address the ways in which gender is understood, constructed and performed. Drawing from a variety of perspectives – cultural studies, economics, education, law, linguistics, psychology, public health, politics, social policy, and sociology – we begin by questioning meanings of gender in different cultural settings and historical moments.

What do the representations of our currently used categories such as man, woman, transgender, queer, cisgender, bisexual, or intersex mean in different contexts? How are conversations about gender taking place in Asia and how do they converge or diverge from those happening elsewhere?

The course is a comparative, interdisciplinary and cross-sector conversation which encourages reflective thinking about practices of gender. It courts and questions the fixity of language, traditions, laws, and practices as well as the resilience of stereotypes, biases, and structures which perpetuate myths, hierarchies and discrimination.

What you’ll learn?
  • How to explain and apply key theories and concepts relating to historical and contemporary definitions of and perspectives on gender.
  • How to examine the immediate and long-term implications of gender inequality in different sectors drawing on contemporary challenges around gender
  • How to take actions to enhance your literacy around gender issues
  • How to cultivate a broadened perspective on gender, identity, and power in the daily lives of all global citizens.

6 Weeks (1-2 hours per week)


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Course on Doing Gender and Why it Matters 

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