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Course on Digital Signal Processing & Applications at IIT Kanpur [Dec 7-9]: Registrations Open

Course on Digital Signal Processing & Applications at IIT Kanpur [Dec 7-9]: Registrations Open


This course will deal with Digital Signal Processing from both a theoretical and a practical perspective. It will include the basics of discrete-time signal processing, Fourier transform, Z- transform, Digital filter design, and basics of spectral analysis of signals. We will also discuss some application areas of DSP that are closely linked to these topics as we move along with the course.

The course will have a balanced focus on math formulations and practice so that the participants can assimilate the topics. It will also discuss the most effective ways to make DSP interesting to students. Theoretical discussions will be conducted in the morning sessions. Discussions on how to conduct and understand a typical DSP lab with MATLAB/LabVIEW demonstrations will be held in the afternoon session.

Course Content
  • Sampling and Reconstruction of continuous time signals
  • Linear Time Invariant Systems
  • Discrete Fourier Transform and its Applications
  • Z Transform and its Applications
  • Digital filter design techniques, IIR filters, FIR Filters, Homomorphic filters,
  • Basic Applications of DSP in Speech, Audio, and Music Analysis.
Registration Fee
  • Faculties from Engineering Colleges/Indsustrial Participants: Rs 9440 (8000 + 18% GST)
  • Students/Research Scholor: Rs 7080 (6000 + 18% GST)
How to Apply?
  1. Interested candidates can apply online by clicking here.
  2. After registration pay fees through SBI Collect and send the receipt of payment to cdte@iitk.ac.in
  3. The payments should be made through SBI Collect.
  4. Accommodation and Food will be provided to the participants inside IIT Kanpur as per request, payment will be paid by participants.

Email ID: cdte@iitk.ac.in

For further details, click here.

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