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This course aims at offering students a hands-on training with current practice of UAV design, and experience actual flight operations with payloads under challenging terrain and gusty weather. It will be a conceptualize-design-build-fly-modify experience through group projects with deliverables.


The course introduces an approach for developing specifications for UAV platforms for selected mission requirements, and for matching/modifying existing UAVs to selected missions. Of particular interest will be the transport of packages across wooded
mountainous terrains. Starting with general requirements and a survey of existing fixed and rotary wing drones, multiple potential UAV applications will be considered.

These will then be subject to additional constraints driven by availability, technological maturity and cost of critical components. One or more solution will then be selected for detailed design and prototyping. To minimize cost, the prototyping will involve using selected off the shelf components typically used by radio-controlled aircraft hobbyists and do-it-yourself drone enthusiasts and using ready to fly quad copters and fixed wing configurations.


❖ PG/PhD students, Faculty members with research focus in
Manufacturing, Production and Design Fields (Mechanical Engineering)
❖ Consulting Engineers working in Manufacturing and Design Fields
❖ Pre-Final/Final year Undergraduate students (Mechanical Engineering)

Registration Fees

Participants from Abroad: US $500
Industry/ Research Organizations: Rs. 6000/-
Faculty Members: Rs. 5000/-
Students (Pursuing PhD / Master/ Bachelor Courses): Rs. 4000/-
NIT Mizoram: Free (Faculty / Student / Researcher)


E-mail: basilkuriachen@gmail.com

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